Graham Sheldon

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Title: Leader of the Conservatives

Party: Conservative

Ward: Saddleworth South

Other councillors representing this Ward:

Parish: Saddleworth Parish - Uppermill Ward

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If you have any queries or problems that need to be discussed with your Conservative Councillors, please contact:

Councillor G Sheldon
Tel: 01457 513 236

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Home address: 
Tunstead Lane

Phone:  01457 513236


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Committee appointments


Cllr Graham Sheldon – Saddleworth South Ward



My Ward Priorities


·         Pressing for a new medical facility

·         for Saddleworth

·         Protecting green spaces/green belt

·         Improving footpaths

·         Keeping the streets free from litter

·         and fly tipping

·         Supporting RSPB and United

·         Utilities at Dovestones

·         Improving safety on our roads

·         Supporting businesses coming out

·         of Lockdown


Training completed

·         Safeguarding

·         Corporate Parenting Members session

·         Barnardo’s training session

·         Environmental Services

·        GDPR



Work in the community

·         Conservative Ward Councillor for Saddleworth South.

·         Leader of the opposition Group Conservative Party - Oldham MBC. This includes providing leadership and advice to members of the Group.

·         Economic and Social Reform shadow cabinet member.

·         Member of the Appointments Committee.

·         Campaigning for a new medical facility for Saddleworth.

·         Liaising with various Council Departments on behalf of residents.

·         Continuing work to protect green spaces and green belt.

·         Committed to improving footpaths.

·         Ongoing work to ensure streets are clean and free of litter and fly tipping.

·         Supporting RSPB and United Utilities to keep Dovestones Reservoir safe and an open space for people to enjoy.

·         Improving safety on our roads and supporting speed cameras.

·         Supporting businesses coming out of Lockdown.



Contact Me

T: 01457 513236