Chris Gloster

Party: Liberal Democrats

Ward: Shaw

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I was elected to Oldham Council for the first time in May 2015.  I am now Deputy Leader of the Opposition having previously held the Health and Wellbeing Shadow portfolio.  As a consequence, I now have the Finance and Corporate Resources Shadow portfolio.


I am Shaw born and bred and very proud to represent all residents in the community.


I live in Fullwood, Shaw, with my wife Hazel, who works as an education advisor and is also an Oldham Borough Councillor.  We have two children, my son works in the home furnishings industry having completed an NVQ Level 3 in software development at Oldham College and my daughter is a pupil at Crompton House School studying for her A levels.


My interest in council affairs began during my time served as a community police inspector in Shaw and Royton when I worked closely alongside elected local councillors and council officers.


I have also been a school governor for 15 years and am currently serving in this capacity for Crompton House School and East Crompton St. James. 


My passions in life are helping to make Shaw a great place for people to grow up, live and work, and – when I have time – motorsport.


Annual Report


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Thursday 21 October 2021
7.30pm – 8.30pm
Councillors Hazel Gloster, Chris Gloster and Howard Sykes (Lib Dem)
Lifelong Learning Centre
High Street
Oldham OL2 8TB

If you have any queries or problems that need to be discussed with your Liberal Democrat Councillor, please contact Councillor Gloster on telephone number 01706 847709, via email at or Twitter: @CllrChrisG

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Home address: 
Fullwood House
Lower Fullwood

Phone:  01706847709

Bus. email:

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Cllr Chris Gloster – ShawWard


·         Supporting residents and businesses
throughout Covid-19

·         New Health Centre for Shaw 

·         Protecting Green Belt/Spaces 

·         Listening and engaging with residents 

·         Environmental Improvements 

·         Local Policing ASB/crime 

·         Bus and tram services 

·         Highways, footways and speeding traffic 

Work in thecommunity

My annual report needs to firstly reflect my sincere thanks to our NHS, Key Workers and the whole of the community for stepping up in our hour of need, I know this view is shared by my ward colleagues. Covid 19 continues to impact on our daily lives in 2021 and although there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel, we are not there yet, and we will continue to support our brilliant community who on the whole have stepped up to the challenge to beat this terrible pandemic and build Shaw back better. 


The dynamics of being a ward councillor have changed significantly for me, and my colleagues this year. We have been presented with problems no-one has ever experienced before and have had to rise to the challenge.   During the first lockdown a lot of my time was spent delivering prescriptions and food parcels to those people in need, their gratefulness in a stepped back conversation at the doorstep was heartwarming


As lockdown continued, I became involved with residents who became desperate due to health, financial and other worries due to being unable to work, or where their business have been closed and they could not afford to continue. Overall, I have been able to make life a little easier for them by guiding them to appropriate help, and I have worked with numerous businesses assisting them with the business grant scheme. I have gained a lot of satisfaction helping residents and business owners who have simply been entitled to nothing by working closely with them to obtain discretionary grants and other funding where possible. 


Despite lockdown, day to day council work remains unabated along with new problems that on occasions have not been heard of before. I have kept in contact with residents by email, phone, social media and Twitter as well as a greatly increased use of Microsoft Teams and Twitter as well as delivering questionnaires to residents who have then been able to respond with their concerns, that are always addressed and resolved if possible. 


I am a member of the committees below where business as usual still needs to take place and I retain my !00% record for attendance at full council meetings. Additionally, as Deputy Leader of the Opposition at one stage I was attending Daily Gold meetings every day for several weeks as the impact of Covid 19 was taking effect and as a Council we needed to work together to safeguard our citizens. 


·         Audit Committee 

·         Charitable Trust Committee (Substitute) 

·         Clayton Playing Fields 

·         Council 

·         Licensing Committee 

·         Licensing Driver Panel 

·         Petitioners' Panel 

·         Traffic Regulation Order Panel 

Last year I again attended both Adult and Children’s Safeguarding Training required as part of my role as councillor and corporate parent. I am a school governor at Crompton House School and have been fully involved with the effects of Covid 19 on school life and have championed ensuring that pupils have had access to learning tools whilst needing to work from home. 


·         I support residents with housing repairs, rehousing, neighbour disputes, healthcare complaints, council bins and rubbish removal, dog waste and new street litter or grit bins. 


·         As the former Shaw and Crompton Police Inspector, I continue to work closely with our local Police, the District Partnership, Parish Council, residents and businesses of Shaw to resolve the problem of anti-social behaviour.  This work remains an on-going battle to ensure that residents have a safe place to live. 


·         Along with my colleagues, I continue to challenge the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, and its successor, working to achieve the best outcome possible for residents’ homes, jobs, and the environment by opposing the appalling loss of our green spaces. Brownfield First! 


·          I have worked with residents to ensure that we maintain adequate bus services in Shaw and            Crompton to meet the needs of residents particularly in the current Covid 19 climate with many forms of transport restricted  


·         I continue to be the lead Councillor in Shaw dealing with the aftermath of the St Paul’s Church roof collapse. This is an uphill battle complicated by a restrictive attitude of Historic England who are happy to obstruct demolition of this site but incapable of providing anything other than words to remediate the problem that has so far cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to reduce to a pile of rubble. Covid 19 has not helped in letting this eyesore stagnate. 


·         Along with my colleagues I formally object to planning applications if I believe they are inappropriate or not a benefit to residents, new council rules and proposed Tory Planning Law changes do not help. 


·         I continue to drive the campaigns forward for a new Health Centre for Shaw and Crompton and from these campaigns I am hopeful of a positive update soon. 


·         I constantly deal with issues surrounding speeding vehicles, Buckstones Road and Crompton Way are two examples, and I have had some success in getting the relevant authorities to look at education, engineering and enforcement solutions to deal with this problem. 


·         I work with the Highways Department to have the potholes, blocked grids and poor footpaths resurfaced or repaired. 


·         I regularly pursue complaints of fly tipping around Shaw, even more so during Lockdown and the temporary closure of the municipal tip and I work very closely with the Environmental Health Department on this matter. 


·         Along with my ward colleagues and in my role as Ward Councillor, I meet regularly with local groups, ensuring that our most asset, our countryside, remains well looked after and ecologically sustainable.  I continue to ensure that this area is maintained and safe to use by all.  Most recently we have been instrumental in agreeing a new dog sign that will hopefully be introduced by the start of the nesting season. 


·         I continue to work with residents and a variety of agencies for a resolution to on-going flooding problems, primarily in the areas of Dunwood Park, Grains Road, Beal Lane.



T: 01706 847709 

Twitter: @cllrchrisg 



Face to face Ward Surgeries are cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Please contact me by phone or email for any issues or problems.