Election results for Saddleworth North

Borough Council Election - Thursday, 5th May, 2011

Saddleworth North Ward Election

Saddleworth North - results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
Derek Heffernan Liberal Democrats 1100 31% Elected
Ken Hulme Independent 1083 31% Not elected
Phil Sewell Conservative 711 20% Not elected
Sean Eric Fielding Labour 650 18% Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 1
Total votes 3544
Electorate 7612
Number of ballot papers issued 3574
Number of proxy votes 16
Number of ballot papers rejected 30
Number of postal votes sent 901
Number of postal votes returned 678
Turnout 47%
Share of the votes (%)
Derek Heffernan 31% Elected
Ken Hulme 31% Not elected
Phil Sewell 20% Not elected
Sean Eric Fielding 18% Not elected
Results graph
Rejected ballot papers
Unmarked or void for uncertainty22
More candidates than entitled8
Total rejected30