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Add a crossing to st Johns street springhead

We the undersigned petition the council to Build a puffin or zebra crossing on St. John Street, springhead, at the junction of St. John Street and Beckett street.

St. John's Street, an adjoining road between Lees road and Huddersfield road, is a 2 lane residential road close to an amateur football field, school and church.

This road is well known in the area for double parked cars and 2 large blind bends that obscure view for both pedestrians and motorists alike. This is especially highlighted at school times and rush hour, where drivers routinely cut through from Huddersfield to Lees road and vice versa.

Most treacherous is the junction point at Beckett street, outside the grapes pub. This area is a choke point for children who attend St. Edwards school, many of whom have to cross the road in between 2 blind bends, competing against motorists who are only able to see pedestrians at the last minute.

Previously there was a 'lollipop man' on this road, who has since stopped attending, likely due to the pandemic. However, the school is still open during the pandemic, as are local businesses and of course, residents in the area of all ages face issues getting across this road.

A puffin crossing, or at the very least, a zebra crossing, would go a long way to solving the problems that exist between pedestrians and motorists along this road.

Sadly, I don't expect that anything will come of this petition as there have been no recent road casualties at this point along the road, but that is no reason to allow this area to remain unsafe.

This ePetition runs from 15/12/2020 to 26/02/2021.

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