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Decisions recommendations approved (subject to call-in)

08/07/2021 - Holiday Activity and Food Programme, Payment terms for providers ref: 4252    Recommendations Approved

To approve the payment terms for organisations providing services to the Holiday Activities and Food Programme.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member - Children and Young People (Councillor Eddie Moores)

Decision published: 03/08/2021

Effective from: 13/08/2021


To have a tiered payment process based on the value of the grant being awarded to the provider.
• Awards under £20k will be paid in advance
• Awards over £20k will be paid 75% in advance and 25% on completion.
The Council accepts the risk that it may have to finance any expenditure for which it is not possible to claim grant reimbursement and that the additional cost will be funded by the budget of the Education, Skills and Early Years Directorate and Communities and Reform or from the Directorates reserves.

Lead officer: Neil Consterdine

13/07/2021 - Accessible Oldham Strategic Partnership ref: 4251    Recommendations Approved

The Transportation and Planning Team in collaboration with Unity Partnership have successfully bid for several capital funded multi-disciplinary highway improvement programme of work, namely Growth Deal 3 (GD3) and Mayor’s Cycling and Walking Challenge Fund (MCF). The funds (cumulatively amounting to circa £16.5m) are managed by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) under the overarching administration of Department for Transport (DfT).
For Oldham Council to deliver the programme it was considered necessary to seek a mid-term (4 years) Strategic Partner (Partner) to assist the Delivery Team at key stages of the bidding, design and construction work. The current method of delivery of the highway construction work can take upwards of 12 weeks from tender stage to commencement on site. In order to deliver the GD3 and MCF programme within the set timeframe, a more streamlined method of procuring construction work is required.
The intention is that individual projects will be procured via a Call Off procedure under the Strategic Partnership Agreement. This will require Director sign off (in liaison with the Directors of Finance and Legal Services) rather than an individual Cabinet report for each element of work.

Decision Maker: Deputy Chief Executive – Helen Lockwood

Decision published: 03/08/2021

Effective from: 13/08/2021


The Accessible Oldham Strategic Partnership Tender process has been led by the Procurement Team with full and detailed information provided within the procurement section of this report.

Lead officer: Jeannette Whitney