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Pot Hole Funding 2023/24

To seek approval for the formal acceptance of Pot Hole funding and the programmes recommended for delivery in 2023/24.


The Cabinet received a report of the Deputy Chief Executive (Place) that sought approval for the formal acceptance of the funding and the programmes recommended for delivery in 2023/24. In addition to the block funding received for highway maintenance for 2023/24 (CRSTS), Oldham Council had received confirmation that it was to receive £544,240 specifically for potholes to aid with highway maintenance across the borough.


The Cabinet was advised that a core highway maintenance allocation of £35m (covering the first year of the £175m) was to be made to local authorities based on an allocation process agreed with the Greater Manchester (GM) Delivery Group, the GM Highways Group, and the GM Treasurers.


In an effort to maintain the progress made as part of our recently completed Highway Investment Programme (HIP) Oldham Highways aimed to prioritise funds going forward in the same manner. Ensuring scheme selection was carried out in the same manner would allow the Council to continue to prioritise the correct intervention on the highway at the correct time.


The Pothole Funding programme utilised the most current condition data from the range of condition surveys carried out annually, and this data is then cross-referenced against claims and enquiry data. This approach had allowed the Council’s Highways department to not only target the worst roads across the borough, but to also continue to reduce highway claims and revenue repairs throughout Oldham.


Appendix 1, of the submitted report, detailed the highway schemes to be delivered from the Pothole funding. This additional funding would enable the Council’s Highways Department to undertake large-scale patching works, footway resurfacing and carriageway resurfacing works within 2023/24.


Alternatives/options considered:

a.    Option 1 – Cabinet approves the recommendations in the submitted report - the proposed programme of schemes which would fully utilise the Pothole Funding allocations available for 2023/24 as per the formal grant notification from GMCA.

b.    Option 2 – Cabinet rejects the recommendations in the submitted report.



The Cabinet approves:


1.    The allocation of Pothole funding to the figures shown below



Machine Laid Patching

Footway Resurfacing

Carriageway Resurfacing






2.    The proposed programme of schemes, which would fully utilise the Pothole funding allocations available for 2023/24 as per the formal grant notification from Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA).

3.    That all tender award decisions are approved by the Authorised Officer (as per Departmental Scheme of Delegation) (up to £99,999) and where applicable (£100K+) by the Executive Member in consultation with the Deputy Chief Executive, and Directors (as relevant) - this being necessary to meet delivery timescales.

4.    That Cabinet delegate approval and authorisation to the Director of Legal Services, or their nominated representative, to sign and/or affix the Common Seal of the Council to all contracts/agreements/documents and associated or ancillary paperwork to give effect to the recommendations in this report.

5.    To seek approval for any underspend generated as the programme progresses to be used to deliver additional schemes in priority order (although lower priority schemes may be selected depending on available budget, value for money and type of treatment) until the budget is fully expended in year - this approach be taken to utilise underspend, meaning that the  Council does not need to gain further approvals to deliver additional schemes, ensuring they can be delivered as soon as practically possible.

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