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Application for Variation of a Premises Licence

The purpose of this report is to inform Members of an application for variation of a premises licence in respect of Anglers Arms, 95 Wrigley Head, Failsworth which, due to representations being received, has been referred to this Panel for determination.



Consideration was given to the report of the Principal Licensing Officer which asked the Panel to determine an application for a Variation of a Premises Licence served on the Council in respect of The Anglers Arms, 95 Wrigley Head, Failsworth.


The Panel were asked to consider the Authority’s Licensing Policy Statement.  Their attention was drawn to Section 8 – Public Nuisance. They were also asked to consider the statutory guidance issued by the Secretary of State under Section 182 of the Licensing Act 2003.


The Panel were reminded that the steps available to them were:

a.    To grant the application as applied for (with the withdrawal of extending the hours)

b.    To grant the application but modify the operating schedule in relation to hours, days, conditions or activities

c.    To reject the application


Any steps taken that were appropriate to promote the licensing objectives should be specified. If none of the steps were appropriate and proportionate, no action should be taken.


In reaching a decision Members of the Panel must have regard to the relevant provisions of national guidance and the licensing policy statement and reasons must be given for any departure. The decision should be based on the individual merits of the application.


The applicant attended the hearing and made representations in support of the application.


RESOLVED that having considered the application, the Panel decided that it was appropriate to grant the variation of the premises licence. In doing so the Panel had regard for the licensing objectives and the statutory guidance concerning any noise concerns that may arise, deciding that these could be dealt with adequately by existing Environmental Health legislation.          


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