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Oldham's Joint Strategic Needs Assessment


The Board gave consideration to an update on the current status of Oldham’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and recommendations for the revision of the JSNA approach and process.


The JSNA was a process through which local strategic partners examined the current and future health and care needs of the local population to inform decision making and guide the commissioning of health, wellbeing and social care services.  The scope of the JSNA was potentially vast and there was a need to plan, prioritise and agree the annual JSNA work programme to ensure it met strategic planning and commissioning priorities.  JSNA arrangements were last considered in early 2017.  To successfully transform the content and use of the JSNA locally commitment was required on the following principles:


·         Inform and be informed by Oldham’s work to establish an Integrated Care Organisation, improve population health, reduce demand and bridge the anticipated gap in health and social care finances;

·         Be a shared responsibility of all Health and Wellbeing Board members with all organisations actively contributing to its development, and ensuring it was fit-for-purpose to inform strategic planning and commissioning.

·         Beyond the core JSNA dataset, any reports or needs assessment produced to have a clear scope and purpose.

·         A predictive approach be taken focusing on what Oldham’s population would look like in the future and the services needed to meet the needs of a changing population;

·         Reflect both community assets/strengths as well as their needs’/’deficits’, drawing on qualitative as well as quantitative data and linked to existing asset-based community development and community engagement work in the borough.

·         Maximise opportunities to work in partnership with Greater Manchester colleagues; and

·         Make full use of intelligence resources produced by Public Health England as well as Oldham’s new Thriving Communities index.


The JSNA could operate as a formal sub-group or be a working group of Council and CCG officers.  The vision for Oldham’s refreshed JSNA was a web portal which provided easy access to key national and local health data.  Work was ongoing to review the resources required


Best practice needed to be captured.  The JSNA was in the context of Oldham Cares and it was recognised that there was work to be done to put children at the centre of the JSNA linked to having a business-like approach by connecting the work of the board to the JSNA priorities.




1.         The key principles for the production and maintenance of the JSNA be endorsed.

2.         The form and membership of the JSNA Steering Group be agreed.

3.         The request that the steering group provide a further report to the Health and Wellbeing Board by January 2019 with recommendations for the development of Oldham’s JSNA, including the process for designing and updating a new JSNA website, developing new intelligence products and an outline work plan for 2019/20 be agreed.

4.         The interim work being undertaken to update and refresh the content of the existing JSNA website and review of the resources needed to support the JSNA process be noted.


NOTE:  Superintendent Inlgis entered the meeting during this item.


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