Agenda and draft minutes

Health and Well Being Board
Tuesday, 15th November, 2022 2.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Oldham, West Street, Oldham, OL1 1NL. View directions

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors S Bashforth, Councillor M Hussain, Councillor L J Munroe, also Mike Barker, Donna Cezair, Stuart Lockwood, Elaine Ratcliffe and Tariq Tamoor.




To Receive Declarations of Interest in any Contract or matter to be discussed at the meeting.


There were no declarations of interest received.



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Urgent business, if any, introduced by the Chair.


There were no items of urgent business received.



Public Question Time

To receive Questions from the Public, in accordance with the Council’s Constitution.


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Minutes pdf icon PDF 265 KB

The Minutes of the meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board held on 4th October 2022 are attached for approval.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 4 October 2022 be approved as a correct record.



Statement on the Health Impact of the Cost of Living Crisis. pdf icon PDF 36 KB

Director of Public Health to report.

Additional documents:


At the Health and Wellbeing Board meeting on 4th October 2022, members of the Board discussed the long standing challenge that poverty presents for health and wellbeing, and the risk that the current cost of living crisis would have a further, and significant, negative impact on health, wellbeing and health inequalities. Board members agreed to produce a public statement outlining these concerns and the additional actions that they would recommend are taken nationally to address both the immediate impacts of the cost of living crisis and the longer term impact of poverty on health and wellbeing and health inequalities. The statement was presented to the Board for discussion and agreement.



That the cost of living statement and recommendations for action contained therein be agreed.



Better Care Fund Plan 2022/23 pdf icon PDF 477 KB


The Health & Wellbeing Board was provided with details of the Oldham Better Care Fund (BCF) Plan for 2022-23 with a view to obtaining sign off in line with the requirements of the national conditions of the BCF.


The details of the operation of the BCF are set out in two documents: Better Care Fund policy framework 2022 to 2023 and Better Care Fund planning requirements 2022-23. These documents form the basis of the Oldham BCF plan for 2021-22.


The details of the operation of the BCF are set out in two documents: Better Care Fund policy framework 2022 to 2023 and Better Care Fund planning requirements 2022-23. These documents form the basis of the Oldham BCF plan for 2021-22.


In line with the requirements the Oldham BCF Plan was submitted on 26 September 2022. The process allows for submission of the plan prior to approval of the Health and Wellbeing Board.


The Oldham Plan has been approved by the regional Better Care Fund Panel and has been forwarded to the central team for sign-off.


For 2022-23 the BCF plan is in three parts: an overall template that provides information on income, expenditure, type of schemes funded, metrics and how the plan meets national conditions; a narrative plan outlining the key areas of focus in Oldham and a Capacity and Demand template with a focus on supporting hospital discharge.


Details with regard to the main funding sources and contributions from those sources are set out in the report. The Board was informed that the funding was is dependent on meeting the following four conditions –


National Condition 1 -a jointly agreed plan between local health and social care commissioners signed off by the HWB.


National Condition 2 – NHS contribution to adult social care to be maintained in line with the uplift to CCG minimum contribution.


National Condition 3 – invest in NHS commissioned out of hospital services.


National Condition 4 – implementing the BCF policy objectives.


The Board noted that conditions 1-3 are the same as those set out in 2021-22. National Condition 4 has changed from improving for people being discharged to hospital in 2021-22 to requiring areas to agree a joint plan to deliver health and social care services that support improvement in outcomes against the following BCF objectives –


  • Enable people to stay well, safe and independent at home for longer.
  • Provide the right care in the right place at the right time.



That the Better care Fund Plan for 2022-23 as attached to the

report be approved and signed off.



Health and Wellbeing -Draft Strategy pdf icon PDF 214 KB

Presentation at the meeting.


The Board was reminded that in July 2022 the Health and Wellbeing Board held a development session to discuss the creation of a new Health and Wellbeing Strategy for the borough. The proposed vision, ambition, principles, and overarching priorities were discussed at the Health and Wellbeing Board on the 4th October. In collaboration with colleagues from across the Board membership, the content for each priority area, including background and suggested goals, has been drafted and is presented to the Board for discussion.


The strategy aims to set out high level objectives for the coming 7-8 years, with the intention that actions to achieve these are embedded within other strategies, action and service plans developed and owned by the organisations which make up the Board’s membership.


Regarding evaluating and reporting, the members were advised that the overall aim for the Health and Wellbeing Strategy is to close the gap in life expectancy between Oldham and England as a whole. Progress will be measured using indicators referenced throughout from the Public Health Outcomes Framework, maintained by the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities.


Reference was made to the goals set out relating to Giving Children a best start in life (page 42 of the report). It was suggested that targets for each area need to be measured to give a specific focus on needs for each area.


The Director of Public Health agreed that some targets can be put against each of the goals identified on page 42.


Resolved: That


(i)            The goals and actions outlined within each priority area

 as set out in the draft Strategy be agreed.


(ii)          The final draft strategy be submitted to the next Board

 meeting for approval and sign off.




Health Inequalities Update pdf icon PDF 330 KB


The Board received a report which provides information to the on progress to date on Oldham’s Health Inequalities plan agreed by Health and Wellbeing Board June 2022.


Oldham’s Health Inequalities plan was agreed at the Health and Wellbeing Board in June 2022. In the report now submitted the six thematic areas that were agreed, along with associated objectives and tangible actions, that if delivered over a two-year period would contribute to reducing health inequalities in the borough. The actions were not devised as new programmes of work, but an opportunity to maximise efforts as a system, and to identify/ unblock system challenges. Each of the thematic areas has a nominated sponsor(s) to help maintain a continued focus. The report gave further information on the progress on each thematic area.



That the content of the report and the progress to date be noted.



Health Inequalities Plan - Thematic Focus


Members noted the previous Health Inequalities Update, minute no.9 to these minutes refers, which focused on

  • Oldham Prevention Framework
  • Population Health management
  • Living Well
  • Focused Care Evaluation. To develop a single shared framework for Early Intervention & Prevention in Oldham
  • To oversee a review of commissioning and grant funding to the Voluntary, Community, Faith & Social Enterprise Sector

The purpose of that report was to develop a single shared framework for Early Intervention & Prevention in Oldham and to oversee a review of commissioning and grant funding to the Voluntary, Community, Faith & Social Enterprise Sector. The Prevention Framework Objectives set out in that report are as follows –


  • To articulate shared objectives and outcomes
  • To ensure prevention is central to everything we do
  • To review and make sense of our current early intervention & prevention offer across the system
  • To identify gaps
  • To avoid duplication and maximise effective use of resources - building on work already done
  • To support investment and commissioning decisions
  • To support a collective approach to deliver enablers, such as workforce development
  • To ensure resident focus and alignment to place-based delivery


Dr John Patterson gave a brief overview and update on Focused Care in Oldham and Greater Manchester. Members were informed that Focused Care provided support to residents at all levels and aimed to reach out mainly to those residents presenting with complex needs; to help those residents to seek help with health care, to guide them to the appropriate healthcare professionals who may have some solutions to their problems and help get them back into the system and community. Examples of areas in which Focused Care provided help to achieve positive outcomes were child protection, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol abuse, school attendance and immunisation and vaccination.


Members were advised that Focused Care teams that were operating throughout the Greater Manchester area, including the Borough of Oldham, had specialist healthcare workers who spent time finding those individuals who because of their individual specialist needs had kept themselves outside of the healthcare umbrella. He informed the Board that since 2011, when Focused Care had first started the service had expanded and was now situated on 96 permanent sites throughout Greater Manchester area giving help to General Practices. There is almost full coverage of Focused Care in Oldham.


Members were informed that General Practitioners (GPs) are praising the Care Units for their work and solutions for those residents with complex needs who are not in the health system.



That the presentation be noted.



Health Improvement Highlight Report pdf icon PDF 348 KB


The meeting received a Health Improvement Highlight report which updated Members on the priority objectives, current progress and planned activities in the following work areas –


  • Sexual Health and Teenage Pregnancy
  • Health Weight and Physical Activity
  • Tobacco Alliance
  • Healthy Start


Members were informed that a Health Improvement Group would be established which reports to the Board. Draft Terms of reference have been developed and the next stage will be to hold the first meeting and develop a reporting structure.




That the report be noted.



Health Protection Highlight Report pdf icon PDF 375 KB


The meeting received a Health Protection Highlight report which gave details of guidance for Care Homes and detailed the current progress on the following priority objectives and planned activities on the following work

areas –


  • Outbreak Support (managing communicable Disease, respiratory and new emerging infections)
  • Infection Prevention and control in high-risk settings
  • Flu
  • Healthcare Acquired Infections (HCAI) and Anti-microbial resistance (AMR)



That the report be noted.



Date of Next Meeting

A Health and Wellbeing Board Development Session is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, 13th December 2022 at 2.00pm, on the theme of Metal Health and Wellbeing.


The next meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board will be held on Tuesday, 24th January 2023 at 2.00pm.


It was noted that the next meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board will be held on Tuesday 24 January 2022 at 2.00pm.


Members noted that a Health and Wellbeing Board Development Session is scheduled to be held on Tuesday 13 December 2022 at 2.00pm on the theme of Mental Health and Wellbeing.