Wednesday, 13th July, 2022 6.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Oldham, West Street, Oldham, OL1 1NL

Contact: Liz Drogan 

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Motion 1

Councillor Taylor to MOVE and Councillor Goodwin to SECOND:

New Deal for Workers

Throughout the pandemic, workers in insecure jobs without any protected employment rights have kept the country running. They have worked on the front line, caring for our most vulnerable residents, keeping essential services running and keeping food on shop shelves. 

The Living Wage Foundation estimates that over a million key workers are in insecure work, lacking basic rights and protections, and 3.8 million people are in insecure work across the economy as a whole.

At the same time, incomes have stagnated and many workers have experienced real term pay decline. The North West region has some of the highest levels of low pay, but in-work poverty is increasing nationally, with one in six working households now falling below the poverty line.

This Council notes:

  • Even before the pandemic, 1 in 9 workers were already ‘insecure’, meaning they did not have access to basic rights at work and could be dismissed at will; including those on zero-hour contracts, agency workers and the bogus self-employed.
  • Zero-hours contracts do not guarantee a minimum number of working hours each week. In the UK labour market, people on zero-hours contracts are more likely to be young, part-time, women, or in full-time education when compared with others in employment. Three quarters of those workers on zero-hour contracts lost shifts during the pandemic and the ‘Race on the Agenda’ (ROTA) report shows that a disproportionate number of Black and minority ethnic (BME) workers are on zero-hours contracts.
  • 1 in 10 workers have experienced ‘fire and rehire’ and have been told to reapply for their jobs on worse pay and terms and conditions, or face the sack – with BME workers facing this at twice the rate of white workers. Since March 2020 (TUC research, January 2021) a quarter of all workers have experienced a worsening of their terms and conditions – including a cut in their pay – since the pandemic began.
  • That while the Prime Minister has called the practice of ‘fire and rehire’ “unacceptable” he has continually refused to take action to outlaw it, raising concerns that he will not intervene in the race to the bottom. An escalating number of employers across all sectors are using weak employment protections to force their staff to accept worse terms and conditions, meaning many have to work longer hours for lower pay, with what can be devastating consequences for workers and their families.
  • Despite austerity, as a Labour led council we pay our employees the real living wage. It is important that working people have a decent wage and the council is an accredited Living Wage Employer and encourages others to become the same.

The council further notes, insecure work is bad for working people and bad for the economy, which is why we need a better settlement to support rights and provisions for working people.

This council therefore resolves to:


Notice of Opposition Business

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Motion 1

Councillor Kenyon to MOVE and Councillor H Gloster to SECOND:

Making Fairer Decisions

The administration, councillors and council officers are collectively making thousands of decisions each year, some large, many small, but all collectively have an effect on the health, wealth and welfare of the people who live and work in Oldham, Shaw, Crompton, Saddleworth, Royton, Failsworth, Lees, Chadderton and the surrounding areas.

Making our borough safer for children and young people is a key aim shared by everyone in the council chamber.

Making our borough wealthier by directing more of this Authority’s spending to local jobs and businesses is also a key aim shared by all in this chamber.

When making a decision, officers and councillors are careful to consider the full implications of that decision. The different options and the implication of the decision are weighed against specific criteria; financial, legal, the co-operative agenda, human resources, risks, IT, property, procurement, environmental and health & safety, equality, community cohesion & crime, children & young people. An equality impact assessment is also completed.


This Council believes that:

Councillors and officers should be explicitly considering the implications of making a decision on the safety of children and on Authority spending into the local economy.


Council therefore resolves to:

Direct the Chief Executive to amend the standard assessment criteria within the decision-making reports and records to include a requirement to consider the implications of the decision on:

1) The potential to increase the risk of harm to children (a context assessment). This to be included on the section dealing with Implications for Children and Young People.

2) Authority spending into the local economy. This to be included in the section on Co-Operative Agenda.

3) Direct the Chief Executive to make and introduce these changes within three months of this Council meeting. A progress report and any financial implications be reported to future cabinet meetings as and when appropriate.


Motion 2

Councillor Hobin to MOVE and Councillor Wilkinson to SECOND:

Independent Public Enquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) (Historical & Present) within Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council (OMBC), including the actions and knowledge of Council Members and Officers.

Council notes that:

The Newsome and Ridgway review into historic Child Sexual Exploitation in Oldham was published on Monday 20th June 2022. The review found that some children had been failed by agencies that were meant to protect them and that there were serious failings in the handling of some cases.

The review was discussed at an Extraordinary Full Council Meeting on Mon 27 June 2022. The public were invited to submit questions to a panel that included the Council Leader and Greater Manchester Mayor. Councillors from all political parties were also invited to ask questions or make statements.

While questions were asked, sadly many were left unanswered, and some wholly ignored. Unfortunately, questions remain. We as a council, and as such member herein, have a duty to protect children and vulnerable people of the borough and beyond. The reality is, until we get  ...  view the full agenda text for item 10.


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