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To receive apologies for absence


To order that the Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 1st November 2023 be signed as a correct record pdf icon PDF 877 KB


To receive declarations of interest in any matter to be determined at the meeting


To deal with matters which the Mayor considers to be urgent business


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To receive and note petitions received relating to the business of the Council

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Youth Council

(time limit 20 minutes)

Unused Stationery Within the Council and its Partners


Oldham youth council put forward the motion with the aims to address the issue of access to stationery and educational resources, which has a significant impact on the educational opportunities of our young people.


Council recognises that since the COVID 19 pandemic Oldham Youth Council have made poverty and the cost of living as priority issues and have undertaken work to improve the lives of Oldham’s Young People. This includes:

·         Sitting on the Oldham Town Centre board to input on decisions around the town centre improvements.

·         Working with the Council’s post 16 team around employability and NEET young people

·         2022 motion to Council asking that the Chief Executive writes to Government to extend the offer of the Holiday Activities and Food programme to all young people not just those on free school meals.

Council notes:

·         That according to the Times Educational Supplement survey, in partnership with the National Education Union, 94% of surveyed teachers resort to using their personal funds to purchase necessary equipment for their students.

·         That according to a UNISON survey, of 6,672 of it members, showed that even though they were worried their pay would not cover spiralling living costs, more than one in five (23%) have used their own money to pay for pens and pencils for their students.

·         That energy bills and the pressures of inflation are continuing to burden schools’ budgets with less money to support students financially.


Council recognises:

·         The importance of quality education in shaping the future of our community, but that a significant number of pupils in Oldham face challenges in accessing essential stationery items required for school.

·         With the Council departments currently looking to move to the spindles this is a prime opportunity to take stock of any unused stationery.  With everyone having calculator apps on their laptops or mobile phones, and offices becoming paperless, the need for pens, rulers and physical calculator has reduced.


We propose that Oldham Council therefore resolves to:

·         Ask the Chief Executive to write to all department heads asking that teams look at current stocks of pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, rubbers, rulers and calculators (including badged merchandise), and any items not required for the running of that department, to be donated and used to create packs that can be distributed to students most in need.

·         Ask the Chief Executive to write to partners (including Miocare, Greater Manchester Police, NHS, Action Together, positive steps, OCL, and Greater Manchester fire service) also donate any unused stationery.

·         Work with Oldham Youth Council to create packs containing essential stationery items and help us distribute them to schools.


Public Questions pdf icon PDF 158 KB

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To receive questions submitted by members of the public.


Reports of the Leader and Cabinet Members pdf icon PDF 211 KB

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Leader and Cabinet Members to present their reports

Non-executive members may ask questions.


a.    Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Reform and Regeneration – including the Minutes of the meeting of the Cabinet held 16th October 2023; and the meetings of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority held 29th September 2023 and 27th October 2023

b.    Deputy Leader and Housing and Licensing Portfolio

c.    Deputy Leader and Children and Young People’s Portfolio

d.    Education and Skills Portfolio Holder

e.    Health and Social Care Portfolio Holder

f.     Communities and Culture Portfolio Holder

g.    Neighbourhoods Portfolio Holder

h.    Business, Employment and Enterprise Portfolio Holder

i.      Finance and Corporate Resources Portfolio Holder

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Notice of Administration Business

(time limit 30 minutes)


Motion 1

To be moved by Councillor Mushtaq

Seconded by: Councillor Charters

Delivering Children’s Services in the community


The Sure Start programme, one of the greatest achievements of the last Labour government, ensured that millions of children received the best possible start in life, giving parents the ability to access childcare, early years learning, health services and family support. In doing so, child poverty was reduced, parents felt supported when returning to work, and thousands were able to become successful parents.

The government has introduced a new model to local authorities, known as Family Hubs, which focus on two areas: a universal 0-19s offer, ensuring that young people get the support they need throughout their childhood and adolescence; and a programme focused on the first 1001 days of a child’s life, from pregnancy to age 2. This is a critical time for development, and the interventions made during this time period will help give a child the best start to life.

As we face another year of cuts from central government, the council has sought to improve the services we offer to families out in the districts, refurbishing centres and creating a service based on delivering outcomes in community settings, rather than being anchored to buildings. By creating an agile service, we can deliver the much needed family support in areas where families are, rather than expecting them to come to us.

This Council notes:

·         That since the ending of ringfenced funding for Sure Start centres in 2011, there has been a significant reduction in the availability of children’s services across England, resulting in poorer starts for millions of children across the country.

·         That since the cuts to Sure Start were implemented, childhood obesity levels have risen and more children are starting school below expected development milestones.

·         Despite continued funding cuts from 13 years of Tory government, Oldham Council has continued to deliver services and support families.

·         That on Monday 4th December the Council began consulting on an improved model for delivering children’s services in the community, recognising the need for an agile service that is delivered not from static sites, but through outreaching services based in hubs but delivered within a community setting.

This Council resolves to:

·         Continue supporting residents through the Family Hubs service, providing a 0-19s universal service across the borough, accessible to all families in Oldham at each hub.

·         Work alongside partners in the NHS, Department for Education and VCFSE organisations to ensure a comprehensive offer across the borough, utilising council owned assets, community assets and other suitable locations to ensure that families can access the support they need within their communities.

·         Thank council staff, NHS staff and school partners who have aided in the design and delivery of this new model.

This council further resolves to:

·         Instruct the Chief Executive to write to the Department for Education, Members of Parliament and the Mayor of Greater Manchester, highlighting the exceptional work done in designing and delivering this model of  ...  view the full agenda text for item 10.


Notice of Opposition Business pdf icon PDF 216 KB

(time limit 30 minutes)

Motion 1

To be moved by Councillor Kenyon

Seconded by Councillor Gloster

20 is Plenty


Council notes that:

• Speed limits on Britain’s Roads are 60% higher than in Europe.

• More than half of all accident casualties occur on roads with 30mph limits.

• A pedestrian is 7 times more likely to die if they are hit by a vehicle travelling at 30mph than they are at 20mph, rising to 10 times more likely if aged 60 or older.

• Reducing speed limits on residential roads has been found to reduce air pollution, the incidents of accidents, and the numbers of fatalities and serious injuries that result.?

• Over 20 million citizens live in local authorities in the UK which have adopted or are adopting a default speed limit of 20mph on residential roads.?

• The default speed limit of 20mph has been adopted by other local authorities without the need for the implementation of physical calming measures.?

• Road safety experts from 130 countries adopted the ‘Stockholm Declaration’ recommending 20mph as the preferred default speed limit on residential roads in February 2020, and this was endorsed by the UN General Assembly in August 2020.?


Council further recognises that:

• Covid-19 and the challenges that have come with building back from it demonstrate that one of our key concerns must be to address all aspects of public health.?

• This should include lowering the default speed of motor vehicles on residential roads to reduce the danger they pose to residents and the pollution they emit.?

• Such a measure should be comprehensive and cover all residential roads in the Council Area – unless there are specific and unique exceptions that necessitate a faster speed limit.?


Council therefore resolves to:

• Establish an all-group working party to seek to implement a Council-wide 20mph speed limit on residential roads as soon as possible. This should include identifying roads where the lower speed limit may not be appropriate and exploring enforcement measures such as average speed cameras and Community Speedwatch initiatives.?

• Ask the Chief Executive to write to the leaders of all other Councils in the region that haven’t already implemented 20mph speed limits as the default in their authority area, and to write to Highways England requesting that speeds are reduced on sections of the motorway network in our Council area to tackle pollution.


Motion 2

To be moved by Councillor Woodvine

Second by Councillor Lancaster

Community First Aid


St. John’s Ambulance is the country’s first aid and health response charity. From helping young people become the health care professionals of tomorrow, to their world class training, St. John’s empowers people of all ages with lifesaving skills. They deliver compassion and care as ambulance crews, at marathons and festivals, in hospitals, and through a range of inspiring youth programmes.

St. John’s Ambulance has always supported NHS Trusts in periods of high demand. During the Covid pandemic, volunteers stepped forward to serve the nation in the  ...  view the full agenda text for item 11.

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Child Sexual Exploitation: Elected Member Steering Group - Annual Report 2022/23 pdf icon PDF 242 KB

To consider the Annual Report from the Elected Member Steering Group on Child Sexual Exploitation and to agree proposals to change the terms of reference for the Steering Group to include all constituted political groups and any elected members with portfolio or shadow portfolio responsibilities for children’s services.

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Calendar of Meetings 2024/25 pdf icon PDF 267 KB

To consider a calendar of meetings for 2024/25

Additional documents:


Update on Actions from Council pdf icon PDF 237 KB

To update council on actions from the previous Council meeting held on 1st November 2023 and meetings earlier in this municipal year.

Additional documents:


Treasury Management Half Year Review Report 2023-24 pdf icon PDF 445 KB

A report advising Council of the performance of the Treasury Management function of the Council for the first six months of 2023/24 and provides a comparison of performance against the 2023/24 Treasury Management Strategy and Prudential Indicators.


Code of Conduct Amendment pdf icon PDF 128 KB

Council is asked to consider and amendment to the Code of Conduct


Review of political balance on committees pdf icon PDF 206 KB

To appoint to committees of the Council in accordance with the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 and give consideration to committees not allocated strictly in accordance with proportionality under the Act.

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