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Motion 1

Cost-of-Living Emergency Motion:

Councillor Chadderton to MOVE and Councillor Jabbar to SECOND:

Oldhamers are facing an unprecedented Cost-of-Living crisis, according to the Office for National Statistics, 88% of adults in the Great Britain reported an increase in their cost of living in May 2022, due to a range of factors including rising inflation, increases in energy and fuel prices, government tax rises and rising food prices – all the while the Government sit by and refuse to act.

Oldham Council recently hosted a Cost-of-Living summit, commissioned by the Labour leadership, to look at how best to support our residents as inflation, energy, food and fuel prices continue to rise. The Council is now developing a comprehensive plan to tackle the crisis and delivering real tangible help for those who need it, no one should be making the choice between heating or eating this winter.

With energy bills set to rise to more than £3000 next month, and possibly rising to above £4000 in January; inflation predicted to hit 18.6% by investment bank Citi; average petrol prices up 30% at their peak compared to the beginning of the year many families in Oldham are struggling, we are seeing too many people now being pushed into poverty. The time for action is now, we are declaring a cost-of-living emergency and calling on the new Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer to step up to the crease and help those who need it. 

This Council notes:

·         That the Cost-of-Living emergency is a key issue for us as a local authority, against a backdrop of financial factors at national and international level.

·         In these increasingly difficult times, there is a need for us as a local authority to ensure advice and appropriate support is available to all residents.

·         The disproportionate impact of the crisis on low-income households, which will spend a larger proportion of their income than average on energy and food and will therefore be more affected by price increases and tax rises that result in reduced disposable income.

·         That over 15% of households in Oldham are currently experiencing fuel poverty, with this number likely to rise over the coming winter; that the number of food parcels given out by the Oldham foodbank has more than doubled compared to previous years; that in 2021 36% of children in Oldham were in relative poverty – the highest of Greater Manchester’s 10 Local Authorities; that the unemployment rate in Oldham remains above the national average; that 23% of Oldhamers are paid below the Real Living Wage (as of 2021)

·         The work the Council are currently undertaking across all departments to support the most vulnerable residents, including offering help with benefits and money advice, signposting residents in the direction of further support, the programme of support provided by the Household Support Fund, our ambitious Holiday Activities and Food programme and the recent cost-of-living summit which brought council services, partners and community representatives to develop ideas.

·         That, while many  ...  view the full agenda text for item 9.


Notice of Opposition Business

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Motion 1

Can this Council Dare to be Brave

Councillor Byrne to MOVE and Councillor Woodvine to SECOND:

Council notes that it has the Power to act on the Reduction of Speed on Country Roads from the national Speed limit of 50/60mph which has remained in place from 1977.

Council notes The Dangers of Rural Driving are that 10 times more people die on Rural Roads than on Motorways.

It is twice as likely for Motorcyclists to be killed on a rural road than an urban one.

It is Three times more likely for cyclists to be killed on a rural road than an urban one.

Last year 66 horses died and 129 were injured the British Horse Society said.

The Council recognises that Local Authorities have the power to change the speed limit but until now they have done this piecemeal in response to traffic accidents.

That the 60mph default limit is inappropriate for most minor rural roads and those attempting to speed on narrow and winding lanes at this speed is reckless.

British Cycling, the sport’s governing body urged the Government to cut the speed limit on thousands of miles of road without white centre markings.

Council recognise as more houses are built in Oldham for families many in semi rural areas on Brown Field sites the Safety for children who need to navigate these roads to school and buses.

A petition was recently presented to Democratic Services for just this in my Saddleworth North Ward

Council resolves to exercise its power to change these particular speed limits to more realistic speeds for the time we now live in.


Motion 2

Meeting the human needs for food and warmth

Councillor Hamblett to MOVE and Councillor Marland to SECOND:

This Council notes that:

The pandemic has highlighted the significant health, well-being, and economic inequalities in our society.

More than one in three children in Oldham borough live in poverty – far higher than the national average of one in five.

The Government has no current plans to address the massive increases in energy costs that have already occurred and are planned, but that the Liberal Democrats’ policy on energy costs have now been adopted wholesale by the Labour party which is welcomed.

This year, schools in Oldham will face a real terms reduction in funding for Universal Infant Free School Meals of £212,797 because of decisions made by this Conservative government.

Those on the lowest incomes will be hardest hit as incomes are squeezed by double digit inflation and increased taxation.

The Government ended the uplift in Universal Credit, removing means for families to offset rising food and fuel costs.

A poll in April this year found that 5.3 million households were already having to choose between heating and food.

If you cannot afford food or heating, you have no disposable income which exponentially reduces the amount of money spent, creating a vicious economic cycle.

That this Council also notes that:

Increasingly, Greater Manchester Local  ...  view the full agenda text for item 10.


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