Officer decisions

Use this page to find information regarding recent decisions that have been taken by council officers.

Alternatively you can visit the decisions page for information on decisions that have been taken by the council’s decision making bodies,

or you can visit the delegated decisions archive page to view delegated decisions made before November 2010.

Officer decisions
Title Date
Proposal to allocate Section 106 resources from DB 409 – land at 160 Oldham Road, Failsworth (PA/340947) for landscaping of the play space at Lower Memorial Park , including network of paths, a new slide and basket swing, along with a sand play area. 23/01/2020
Seeking an exemption to the Contract Procedure Rules (CPR) to procure Laboratory and On-Site Testing Services from Derbyshire County Council, required for highways related works in Oldham 17/01/2020
Bulky Bob Contract Extension Report 15/01/2020
Proposed appointment of e3p to carry out site investigation work on retained land at former Breeze Hill School, fronting Roundthorn Road, Roundthorn [St.Marys] 15/01/2020
Former Park View Children's Nursery, Kings Road, Glodwick [St.Marys] 15/01/2020
Maintenance of access road, Alexandra Retail Park, Glodwick [St.Marys] 15/01/2020