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Decisions published

12/12/2018 - Brownhill Visitors Centre, Wool Road, Dobcross, Oldham (L01223) ref: 3493    Recommendations Approved

The purpose of this report is to confirm that the subject property is surplus to the Council’s operational requirements and Officers are authorised to dispose of the property via either a private treaty sale to the existing lessee or via Auction at the earliest opportunity.

Decision Maker: Deputy Chief Executive People and Place – Helen Lockwood

Decision published: 08/01/2019

Effective from: 12/12/2018


The sale of the freehold to the existing tenant via a private treaty sale. In parallel the asset will be prepared for and entered into an Auction on the basis of the tenant remaining in situ. This is proposed to ensure an agreed time line is worked towards. If the Private treaty sale is concluded before the Auction date, the asset will be sold to the existing tenant
The Council will include a buy back provision at Auction if the tenant vacates and the site is not developed within 3 years so to protect the Councils commercial position.
The authority to agree the private treaty price and auction reserve is to be delegated to the Interim Director of Economy

Lead officer: Nikolaj Dockree

09/08/2018 - Business Objects Business Intelligence System ref: 3492    Recommendations Approved

Using Business Objects Business Intelligence systems to ensure that performance and management information continues to be rapidly deployed to Managers and Senior Leaders in Children and Adults Social Care.

Decision Maker: Deputy Chief Executive Corporate and Commercial – Ray Ward

Decision published: 07/01/2019

Effective from: 09/08/2018


Option D Implement Business Objects from a new procurement
This would mean
•Statutory obligations would be met
•Management and performance information would be provided to Managers and Senior Leaders and OFSTED
•Oldham would be compliant with PSN
•A barrier to the delivery of the ICT Strategy would be removed
•There would be no need for any significant investment in training as it is software that is current being used
•The upgraded version of Business Objects could be used to report from the Education System Synergy which would improve the access to Management Information
•It is potentially possible for the Business Objects to be used for reports from other database systems
•Oldham would retain rights to future upgrades of Business Objects which would be supported by a robust contractual arrangement

Lead officer: Dami Awobajo

26/10/2018 - Creation of new Senior Management Post in Lifelong Learning Service ref: 3491    Recommendations Approved

Following a service review it has been recognised that there is a need for a 3rd senior management position, the post holder to have specific responsibilities for a number of initiatives, including quality assurance and continuous improvement strategies, ICT and Business and Family Learning Curriculums.

Decision Maker: Deputy Chief Executive People and Place – Helen Lockwood

Decision published: 02/01/2019

Effective from: 26/10/2018


the post be established

Lead officer: Jon Bloor