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Decisions published

10/09/2019 - Growth Funding Allocation ref: 3805    Recommendations Approved

To secure additional funding for places for Blue Coat School, Oasis Academy and Oldham Academy North.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member - Education and Skills (Cllr Shaid Mushtaq)

Decision published: 26/11/2019

Effective from: 03/12/2019


RESOLVED - That: Additional funding for school places be approved.

Lead officer: Andy Collinge

11/09/2019 - The Millyard Centre, Harper Square, Oak Street, Shaw (L01623) ref: 3788    Recommendations Approved

The purpose of this report is to confirm that the subject property is surplus to the Council’s operational requirements and Officers are authorised to dispose of the property via private treaty at the earliest opportunity.

Decision Maker: Deputy Chief Executive – Helen Lockwood

Decision published: 23/10/2019

Effective from: 11/09/2019


The preferred option / recommendation is to approve OPTION 1.
As part of the terms of sale, it is proposed that the Council seeks to recover its professional fees from the purchaser of £750 including disbursements. In parallel, a restriction on residential development for 10 years will be included on the title.

Lead officer: Nikolaj Dockree

04/09/2019 - Adoption of Highways - Development at Chamber Road, Oldham - Millbank Close ref: 3748    Recommendations Approved

To obtain approval for the adoption of highways as Highway Authority and to identify the likely associated revenue costs to the Council.

Decision Maker: Deputy Chief Executive – Helen Lockwood

Decision published: 16/09/2019

Effective from: 24/09/2019


the highways listed in Schedule 1 of this report be adopted as highways maintainable at public expense

Lead officer: Alison Dolan

09/09/2019 - Cadcorp Upgrade ref: 3738    Recommendations Approved

To progress the re-commissioning of work to re-platform CadCorp to later version

Decision Maker: Deputy Chief Executive – Helen Lockwood

Decision published: 09/09/2019

Effective from: 09/09/2019


the funding from ICT Business Systems be released for the CadCorp upgrade.

Lead officer: Kay Shepherd

29/08/2019 - Northern Roots Oldham Show Garden ref: 3735    Recommendations Approved

To take advantage of the offer to create a 'Northern Roots Oldham' show garden at the 2020 RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, as a means of promoting the development of the Northern Roots project and Alexandra Park ECO, while also enhancing the Growing Hub which needs to be relocated to facilitate the ECO.
Following the show, the garden will be relocated to become the heart of the new Growing Hub space at the entrance to the Northern Roots site. The creation of the new Growing Hub will mark the first tangible step in the delivery of both the ECO and Northern Roots project.

Decision Maker: Strategic Director Communities and Reform – Rebekah Sutcliffe

Decision published: 03/09/2019

Effective from: 29/08/2019


RESOLVED - that the application for a show garden dedicated to Northern Roots, underwrite the budget for the show garden up to a value of £80,000, approve the subsequent relocation of the show garden into the new Growing Hub on the Northern Roots site, and give permission to Council Officers to pursue a range of funding sources to finance the creation and relocation of the show garden.

Lead officer: Justine Race