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Decisions published

10/07/2019 - Disposal of rooftop space on six Council buildings to facilitate the Oldham Community Power Solar Panel Project. ref: 3702    Recommendations Approved

To seek approval to dispose of part of the roof space of 6 Council buildings on “contracted out” leases for a period of 21 years to Oldham Community Power (OCP) for the installation of solar panels.

Decision Maker: Director of Economy

Decision published: 31/07/2019

Effective from: 10/07/2019


It is recommended that approve of the lease terms be agreed, with the Head of Strategic Assets

Lead officer: Rosalyn Smith

12/07/2019 - Temporary Radio Solution – Oldham Council ref: 3685    Recommendations Approved

The current digital radio network contract used by Oldham Council with Telent expired on 31ST April 2019. The Council has agreed in principle with Apex Radio Systems to provide a 12 months radio network for Oldham Council to allow the Council to look at the following options in more detail:
1. Explore new radio network options based on utilising different or newer technologies.
2. Explore new digital telecom options based via the cloud as an alternative to a radio solution.

Decision Maker: Deputy Chief Executive – Helen Lockwood

Decision published: 22/07/2019

Effective from: 12/07/2019


The preferred option/decision is to approve the temporary radio solution with Apex Radio Systems Limited, which will allow the service to review other viable options on the digital radio network and service delivery moving forward.

Lead officer: Darren McGrattan

11/07/2019 - Metropolitan Place ref: 3680    Recommendations Approved

To approve the capital build allocation for the Metropolitan Place project to move 228 Social Work staff from Southlink Units 7-13 to all 5 floors of Metropolitan Place on Hobson Street in Oldham.
The value of the contract is £248k and relates to the physical build alterations that are required to make the building fit for purpose for the proposed move in September and October 2019

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member - Economy & Enterprise (Leader - Councillor Sean Fielding)

Decision published: 18/07/2019

Effective from: 27/07/2019


Option C - Relocation of Services to Metropolitan Place
is approved and that the associated capital budget to enact the option be placed to tender by Procurement.

Lead officer: Stuart Barratt

03/07/2019 - Warm Homes Oldham Assessment and Referral Service ref: 3675    Recommendations Approved

To consider options for the Warm Homes Oldham Assessment and Referral Service.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member - Housing (Cllr Hannah Roberts)

Decision published: 17/07/2019

Effective from: 26/07/2019


1.The Warm Homes Oldham Assessment and Referral Service be brought in-house on 17 August 2019 by TUPE transferring two members of staff from Engie to the Council.
2.A further extension to the contract with Engie from 1 June 2019 to 16 August 2019 be agreed.

Lead officer: Anees Mank

11/07/2019 - Diggle Retaining Wall ref: 3672    Recommendations Approved

Obtain approval for the cost of Diggle Retaining Wall Scheme and for the approval of the appointment of the Contractor for the works. Costs for the scheme were obtained by framework tender, the Council’s procurement process

Decision Maker: Director of Economy

Decision published: 12/07/2019

Effective from: 11/07/2019


the Contract for the works is awarded to Rowan Ashworth Ltd, who is not on the framework contract

Lead officer: Jeannette Whitney

09/07/2019 - Middleton Road, Royton Carriageway Surfacing Works ref: 3670    Recommendations Approved

This report seeks delegated approval of:
•The cost of resurfacing Middleton Road, Royton
•The approval of the appointment of the contractor for the works.
The work forms part of the Highway Investment Programme

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member - Neighbourhoods Services (Councillor Ateeque Ur-Rehman)

Decision published: 12/07/2019

Effective from: 20/07/2019


the delegated approval for these works is accepted and that the contract for the works are awarded to Hanson Contracting Ltd

Lead officer: Matthew McGreal

02/07/2019 - Communication, speech and language local campaign ref: 3668    Recommendations Approved

Permission to receive a DFE grant of 150K to deliver a local communication campaign for improving communication, speech and language was granted through a delegated decision paper on the 15 February 2019.
Invitation to Tender (ITT) was issued on the Due North Portal “The Chest” with a return date of the 13 May 2019. ITT submissions were received from 4 organisations:
•National Literacy Trust
•Enterprising Habits CIC
A comprehensive selection process was undertaken by an evaluation panel and a scoring moderation meeting was held on the 21 June 2019. The outcome of this process was that ICAN received the highest scores.
Therefore, permission is being sought to approve the decision to award the contract to ICAN.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member - Education and Skills (Cllr Shaid Mushtaq)

Decision published: 08/07/2019

Effective from: 16/07/2019


RESOLVED - That: the contract be awarded to ICAN

Lead officer: Paula Healey

04/07/2019 - Sexual Health Improvement Programme ref: 3669    Recommendations Approved

To seek approval to extend the current contract (Seal No. 274417) for the provision of a Greater Manchester Sexual Health Improvement Programme (GMSHIP). This service has been procured by Salford City Council (Lead Partner) on behalf of the 10 GM Local Authorities, agreement is now required to extend the contract for a further two years to terminate on 30th June 2021.

Decision Maker: Strategic Director Communities and Reform – Rebekah Sutcliffe

Decision published: 05/07/2019

Effective from: 04/07/2019


Approval given to extend the current contract (Seal No. 274417) for the provision of a Greater Manchester Sexual Health Improvement Programme (GMSHIP) delivered by PaSH, for a further two years, to terminate on 30th June 2021.

Lead officer: Lianne Davies

03/06/2019 - Building Control Restructure ref: 3667    Recommendations Approved

The current structure is no longer suitable for the business needs of the service.

Decision Maker: Deputy Chief Executive – Helen Lockwood

Decision published: 02/07/2019

Effective from: 03/06/2019


RESOLVED - That: the report be approved.

Lead officer: Mark Smith

24/06/2019 - New post within Independent Domestic Violence Adviser (IDVA) Team ref: 3666    Recommendations Approved

This decision is to agree the esablishment of a new post with a resposibility for coordinating and delivering training for staff working with children and families where there is domestic abuse.
The Independent Domestic Violence Adviser (IDVA) Team works with victims of domestic abuse and their families where there is a high level of risk. There has been an increase in referrals to the service year on year since 2013 when the service was established.
This post is being created to support the multi-agency workforce in their understanding of, and responses to, domestic abuse through a comprehensive training offer.
It is a key piece of work in the Ofsted Improvement Plan and this post will be pivotal in building capacity across the workforce to respond to domestic abuse.
The post holder will coordinate and deliver training through the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB), and will also deliver bespoke training sessions to teams on all aspects of domestic abuse, including information about immigration status, the law and the range of protection orders available to victims.
The post holder will be required to be a qualified and experienced IDVA.

Decision Maker: Director of Children’s Services – Merlin Joseph

Decision published: 01/07/2019

Effective from: 24/06/2019


RESOLVED - To establish a new post within the IDVA Team.

Lead officer: Debbie Holland