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Decisions published

07/05/2019 - Brownhill Visitors Centre, Wool Road, Dobcross, Oldham (LO1223) ref: 3623    Recommendations Approved

Approval to confirm Heads of Terms with the owners of Limekiln Café, who are the existing tenant in respect of part of the Brownhill Visitors Centre, Wool Road, Dobcross. Subsequently, this report seeks approval to proceed with the Freehold sale of the whole of the asset which is in alignment with the Council's approved Medium Term Property Strategy.

Decision Maker: Director of Economy

Decision published: 27/06/2019

Effective from: 05/07/2019


Approval be given to confirming Heads of Terms with the current tenant, and accepting a capital receipt as specified in the report to dispose of the site freehold through private treaty.

Lead officer: Emma Barton

25/04/2019 - Greater Manchester's Clean Air Plan - Tackling Nitrogen Dioxide Exceedances at the Roadside - Supplementary Information to accompany the Outline Business Case ref: 3622    Recommendations Approved

Further to the report approved at Cabinet on 25 March 2019, attached is the approved supplementary evidence as referenced in the Cabinet report.
Oldham Council was issued with a Direction under the Environment Act 1995 requiring the Council to produce a feasibility study to identify the option which will deliver compliance with the requirement to meet legal limits for nitrogen dioxide in the shortest possible time. Oldham Council complied with this Direction by the production of a feasibility study submitted to JAQU in July 2018. Oldham Council is also required to address the exceedances that have been identified within its boundary during the Target Determination exercise. Oldham Council confirmed in its supplemental plan that the exceedance identified in Oldham was being considered as part of the Greater Manchester plan. This has been acknowledged by government.
Oldham Council has been developing the study collectively with the other 9 Greater Manchester local authorities and the GMCA, and coordinated by TfGM in line with Government direction and guidance.
The key features of Greater Manchester’s feasibility study and its Outline Business Case (OBC) to reduce nitrogen dioxide exceedances in Oldham and across Greater Manchester in the shortest possible time was approved on 25 March 2019 at the Council’s Cabinet/ Council meeting for submission to the government's Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU).
At this time a delegation was given to Cllr A Shah, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Helen Lockwood, Deputy Chief Executive - People and Place to approve the submission of supplementary information.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member - Social Justice and Communities (Statutory Deputy Leader - Cllr Arooj Shah)

Decision published: 08/05/2019

Effective from: 16/05/2019


The documents attached to the report are recommended to be submitted to the government's Joint air Quality Unit.

Lead officer: Carol Brown

15/05/2019 - Contract Extension of Mosaic by 12 months ref: 3621    Recommendations Approved

Contractual cover to support the ongoing use of Mosaic Social Care System for Children's and Adult Social Care

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member - Childrens Services (Cllr Amanda Chadderton)

Decision published: 07/05/2019

Effective from: 14/05/2019


the Contract be extended by 12 months

Lead officer: Dami Awobajo

26/02/2019 - Clive Street - Asset L01266 ref: 3620    Recommendations Approved

The purpose of this report is to confirm that the subject property is surplus to the Council’s operational requirements and Officers are authorised to dispose of the property via auction at the earliest opportunity.

Decision Maker: Director of Economy

Decision published: 07/05/2019

Effective from: 26/02/2019


The preferred option / recommendation is to approve OPTION 3.
The sale of the Freehold at Auction. This will include a buy back provision if the site is not developed within 3 years so to protect the Councils commercial position. The trees at the front of the site are to be protected and the verges maintained by the new owners.

Lead officer: Nikolaj Dockree