Wednesday, 6th November, 2019 6.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Oldham, West Street, Oldham, OL1 1NL

Contact: Liz Drogan 

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a)    19th August 2019

b)    16th September 2019

c)     Urgent Key Decisions Taken from 27th October 2018 to 28th October 2019

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Greater Manchester Transport Committee


9th August 2019

13th September 2019


Greater Manchester Waste and Recycling Committee


 18th July 2019

National Park Authority


6th September 2019

MioCare Board

8th July 2019


Oldham Leadership Board

11th July 2019

26th September 2019


Health and Wellbeing Board

25th June 2019


Police and Crime Panel

2nd July 2019


Commissioning Partnership Board

26th September 2019

Greater Manchester Combined Authority

26th July 2019

27th September 2019

7th October 2019


Greater Manchester Health and Care Board

26th July 2019


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Motion 1

Councillor Ball to MOVE and Councillor Hulme to SECOND:

Better Buses for Greater Manchester

This council notes that following deregulation of the UK bus network outside of London in the 1980s, bus companies run whatever routes they like, charging what they like, with various ticketing structures. This means that in 2017 there were 140 types of tickets available in Greater Manchester, across 22 different bus companies, and usage is declining as passengers opt for simpler alternatives.


The Greater Manchester Combined Authority is now consulting on how our buses are run, proposing to introduce a franchising system that will make the bus network better coordinated, simpler, more far reaching, and responsive to the needs of residents rather than for private profit.

This council resolves to:

  • Encourage residents to complete the GMCA’s consultation into bus franchising
  • Explain the benefits of bus franchising for Oldham
  • Request that the Chief Executive write to Mayor Andy Burnham on the matter, calling on him to choose to regulate our buses in Greater Manchester, which he has the power to do following the consultation.


Motion 2

Councillor Harrison to MOVE and Councillor Chadderton to SECOND:

Free Personal Care

The Council notes that over a million older people in England are struggling with unmet care needs and believes that in light of an ageing population we need bold changes to deliver a long term funding solution for social care. 


The Council believes that it is fundamentally unfair that to access basic care many older people face catastrophic costs that can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds, wipe out a lifetime of savings, and force families to sell their homes. 


The Council also believes that England’s care system needs major reform to provide a long-term sustainable funding solution and to make care free at the point of use. 


The Council therefore supports the introduction of free personal care for all older people in England, alongside a new social care contribution to fully fund the policy on a sustainable basis. 


The Council calls on the Government to take the necessary steps to implement this policy as swiftly as possible to end the care crisis and properly support older people in the borough of Oldham.


This Council resolves to instruct the Chief Executive to

  1. Write to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care urging swift action to bring forward proposals to reform and fund the social, care system to a decent standard for all
  2. Write to our three local MP(s) to support the campaign for free personal care, and to speak up in favour of the policy in the House of Commons and through their wider activity



Notice of Opposition Business

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Motion 1

Councillor Williamson to MOVE and Councillor Al-Hamdani to SECOND:

Clean Air Outside Our Schools

This Council notes that:

·       Our residents, staff and children, are exposed to unsafe levels of pollutants outside of schools at peak times in the morning and afternoon.

·       Road transport is one of the biggest contributors to particulate matter and pollution in Oldham Borough.

·       Epidemiological studies show that symptoms of bronchitis in asthmatic children increase in association with long-term exposure to pollutants, as well as stunting lung growth.

·       Only a handful of schools across the country are trialling “No Vehicle Idling zones” yet they bring many health benefits.

·       Air pollution poses a serious threat to the health and development of young people.  While many of the policy interventions to rectify this problem would have to come from central Government or the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan, this Council can do more and needs to be proactive on this issue.

·       That there should be No-Vehicle-Idling zones around schools across the Borough.


This Council resolves to:

·       Review the work done on No-Vehicle-Idling nationally in other local authorities and work this into Oldham’s action plan for No-Vehicle-Idling Zones.

·       Implement No-Vehicle-Idling Zones, around as many primary schools in the Borough as possible, by the end of 2022.

·       Work closely with schools that are part of the scheme to inform parents and carers of the No-Vehicle-Idling Zones.

·       Encourage local businesses to sponsor green walls on school buildings and tree planting near schools and the appropriate cabinet member include this in their action plan.


Motion 2

Councillor Harkness to MOVE and Councillor Hamblett to SECOND:         

Anti-Bullying Week 2019 “Change starts with us”

This year's Anti-Bullying Week has the theme “Change Starts With Us” and is happening from Monday 11th November - Friday 15th November 2019. 


This Council unfortunately notes that:

·       Trades Union Congress (TUC) research revealed nearly a third of people have been bullied at their workplace. Of those bullied, half said it had an adverse impact on their performance at work.

·       Female employees are more likely to be victims of bullying than males. 

·       People of all ages are bullied because of their race, culture, faith, appearance, identity, socioeconomic status, interests/hobbies, academic ability, mannerisms, and whether they are young carers or looked after children. This bullying can take place in person or online.

·       Nearly half of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people have been bullied at school for being LGBTQIA+.  Children with disabilities and those with special educational needs are around twice as likely to be bullied.

·       Bullying pervades every level of human society, even the Houses of Commons. Dame Laura Cox’s report into the Bullying and Harassment of House of Commons staff in 2018 revealed a dysfunctional workplace- particularly faced by women.  Bullying and sexual harassment was reported to have long been "tolerated and concealed”.

·       Sometimes this bullying takes place in the home and serves as domestic abuse and violence.


This Council resolves to:

·       Have the relevant cabinet member communicate with schools in Oldham Borough  ...  view the full agenda text for item 10.


Update on Actions from Council pdf icon PDF 102 KB

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2018/19 Annual Statement of Accounts pdf icon PDF 358 KB

Due to the size of appendices, copies will be available in the Group Rooms, Access Oldham, Civic Centre, West Street, Oldham and the Civic Entrance, Civic Centre, West Street Oldham.

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Polling District and Polling Place Review 2019 pdf icon PDF 117 KB

Due to the size of the plans, the Ward Maps referred to as Appendix B will be available in the Elections Office, Civic Centre, West Street, Oldham.

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Welfare Reform Update pdf icon PDF 311 KB

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Revision of Byelaws made under Section 19 of the Public Libraries & Museums Act, 1964 pdf icon PDF 178 KB


Review of JNC Pink Book Youth Workers Grading Structure pdf icon PDF 197 KB