Wednesday, 8th January, 2020 6.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Oldham, West Street, Oldham, OL1 1NL

Contact: Liz Drogan 

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Youth Council

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Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark is a UK wide consultation on issues important to young people aged 11 – 18. This ballot goes out to all high schools in Oldham, so that pupils can vote on what they feel is important in their lives and what they think Members of the Youth Parliament should campaign on for the year ahead. For the last 7 years the Youth Council has co-ordinated the consultation for Oldham. 


Due to the devolved nature of politics and services such as the NHS and Policing, this year the consultation changed and young people were given 3 different categories with 5 issues within each category to vote upon. The 3 categories were:

       UK wide issues

       Devolved issues

       Local issues. 


The issues for UK wide and devolved categories were debated and chosen by the UK Youth Parliament and the local issues were debated and chosen by the Oldham Youth Council. Young people taking part in the consultation had the opportunity to vote for 1 issue from each category.


This year approximately 11,500 young people across Oldham were involved in the consultation which represents over 45% of Oldham’s 11-18 population.


Of the 5 issues in the UK wide issues category, unsurprisingly, ‘Protect the Environment’ was the top UK wide issue for Oldham’s Young People, with 4,515 votes. This represented nearly 40% of all votes cast and was over double the number of votes cast on any other issue.  There was a similar result in the Devolved issues category with ‘Put an end to Knife Crime’ gaining 4,199 votes (36.7% of votes cast) again nearly double the votes cast any other issue.


The local issues category results had a clear winner, public transport was the top issue with 3,855 (34.8% of the votes cast).


The Youth Council have drafted a report, with a full breakdown of the Make Your Mark results both locally and nationally, that elected Members should have received. The report also breaks down the results by school which will allow Members to see how young people in your ward voted.


The results of the consultation have enabled the Youth Council to prioritise our work on environment, knife crime and youth violence and looking at public transport. We had already started work on environmental issues through a programme named Pioneers of Sustainable Hope (or POSH). A charter of young people’s environmental rights has been developed (that is out for consultation), are creating resources to help young people be more environmentally friendly - which will be handed out at our Eco festival (as part of our youth summit) and we have joined your cross-party climate change group.


Knife crime will also be one of the topics that we look at during our youth summit in February 2019. We are also researching how other areas of the UK, such as Glasgow and Brixton, have tackled youth violence through the public health model and hope to visit some places to see what could  ...  view the full agenda text for item 7.


Question Time


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Questions to Leader and Cabinet

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Questions on Cabinet Minutes pdf icon PDF 128 KB

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21st October 2019

18th November 2019

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Questions on Joint Arrangements/Partnerships pdf icon PDF 436 KB

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Greater Manchester Waste and Recycling Committee

12th September 2019

Oldham Leadership Board

21st November 2019

Health and Wellbeing Board

24th September 2019

Police and Crime Panel

23rd September 2019

Commissioning Partnership Board

31st October 2019

Greater Manchester Combined Authority

25th October 2019

Greater Manchester Transport Committee

11th October 2019


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Notice of Administration Business

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Motion 1

Councillor Shah to MOVE and Councillor Hamblett to SECOND:


Tackling Harassment and Abuse in Public Life

This council acknowledges the announcement in the Queens Speech that “Ministers will develop legislation to improve internet safety for all” and note many recent reports on online harassment and abuse of those in public life.


This council also notes representations made by the cross party Local Government Association where they state; “Harassment, threats and intimidation of local elected representatives are completely unacceptable, and must be dealt with robustly at all levels. This includes the Government, by councils, private sector; by the police and, where relevant, by the social media companies which provide platforms for specific forms of abuse.”


This council believes in the right of those democratically elected by the residents of the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham to carry out their duties without the fear of harassment and abuse.


We therefore support any efforts by government and those of the Local Government Association in ensuring the protection of our democracy, while recognising the importance of free speech and expression.


This Council resolves:

·         To write to the borough’s MPs to seek their support in tackling harassment and abuse in public life.

·         To write to the Minister for the Cabinet Office to seek a cross government response in tackling harassment and abuse in public life.

·         To write to the Chair and Chief Executive of the Local Government Association to thank them for representations made to date on the issue.


Motion 2

Councillor Stretton to MOVE and Councillor Phythian to SECOND:


Government-funded Pay Rise for Council Staff

This council notes that since 2010 Oldham Council has lost £208million from its annual budget following government cuts, with local councils facing a funding gap of £8 billion by 2025 according to the LGA. These cuts have meant the local government workforce has endured years of pay restraint with the majority of pay points losing 22 per cent of their value since 2009/10. At the same time workers are asked to do more, taking on additional responsibilities and heavier workloads.


Without the professionalism and dedication of our staff, the council services Oldham residents rely on would not be deliverable. Government funding has been cut to the extent that a proper pay rise could result in a reduction in local government services. This council believes that the government needs to take responsibility and fully fund increases in pay; it should not put the burden on local authorities whose funding has been cut to the bone.


This Council resolves to:

·         Support the NJC pay claim submitted by GMB, UNISON and Unite on behalf of council and school workers for a 10 per cent uplift across pay points in 2020/21.

·         Call on the Local Government Association to make urgent representations to central government to fund the NJC pay claim

·         Write to the Chancellor and Secretary of State to call for a pay increase for local government workers to be funded with new money from central government.

·         Meet  ...  view the full agenda text for item 9.


Notice of Opposition Business

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Motion 1

Councillor Harkness to MOVE and Councillor Williamson to SECOND:


Confronting the school’s cuts crisis

This Council notes that:

·         Many schools in Oldham Borough are not receiving the minimum funding of £3,500 per pupil for primary schools and £4,800 for secondary schools, as guaranteed by the Conservative Government’s National Funding Formula.

·         Oldham Borough is ranked 73 out of 149 local authorities (149 being the lowest funded) in England for 2020-2021 school funding.

·         There is an unacceptable shortfall for 2020. Oldham schools are predicted to lose more than £12 million in funding, an average of approximately £238 per pupil.

·         Schools are struggling to maintain the standard of education with the level of cuts faced.

·         Some schools are attempting to reduce the number of special needs pupils accepted because of the funding gap.

This Council resolves to:

·         Have the Leader of the Council write to the Minister of Education asking for recognition of the harm that school cuts are having on the standard of education in this country and in Oldham Borough.

·         Have the Chief Executive write to the Minister of Education and the Prime Minister asking them to acknowledge the 2019 Spending Review and address the issue of school funding. The letter should state that all schools must receive the minimum funding as guaranteed by the National Funding Formula, as well as fully funding the High Needs Block.


Motion 2

Councillor Sykes to MOVE and Councillor Murphy to SECOND:


Urban Meadows and Bee Corridors for a greener Oldham

This Council notes that:

·         Recent work in other areas of the country has seen grass verges and dual carriageway centres transformed into wildflower corridors teeming with flora and fauna.

·         These urban Meadows have multiple benefits for the areas that have been created.  They enhance the support for wildlife thus delivering biodiversity and increasing the natural beauty and appeal of an area. 

·         Nature sites attract new visitors who come to see the colourful arrays created.

·         Bee Corridors will reduce the maintenance costs due to the low maintenance of such areas.

·         With bits of wood and plastic and in partnership with schools and youth groups, Insect Hotels will be built along the flowery corridors to attract as much wildlife as possible.

·         The purpose of this scheme is to combat the dramatic loss of habitat and falling bee numbers. Insect numbers influence plant pollination and other species depend upon their existence.

·         Although these urban Meadows are not for every community space and roadside, by increasing the local biodiversity in Oldham borough will have a positive effect on learning, mental health and overall appeal in the area.

·         If a green Oldham is the ambition, this motion takes us a step forward to achieving that.


This Council resolves to:

·         Have officers assess the feasibility of establishing Wildflower corridors, insect hotels and urban meadows across the Borough. Officers should also work closely with Parish Councillors and Borough Councils on this matter.

·         A report highlighting potential locations and areas suitable should be presented to Cabinet  ...  view the full agenda text for item 10.


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