Wednesday, 20th March, 2019 6.00 pm

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Civic Appreciation Award

Open Council


Questions to Cabinet Members from the public and Councillors on ward or district issues

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Formal Council


To receive apologies for absence


To order that the Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 12th December 2018 and 27th February 2019 be signed as a correct record pdf icon PDF 484 KB

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To receive declarations of interest in any matter to be determined at the meeting


To deal with matters which the Mayor considers to be urgent business


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Outstanding Business from the previous meeting

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Councillor Roberts to MOVE and Councillor Chadderton to SECOND:

In 2018 Oldham has celebrated the centenary of women’s parliamentary suffrage and the 90th anniversary of universal adult suffrage.

This Council welcomes the installation of Annie Kenney’s statue in Parliament Square and the unveiling on the 14th December 2018, the anniversary of the first general election when women could stand as candidates and vote.

This Council recognises that the struggle for equality and the right to vote was long and hard fought. We reaffirm our commitment to commemorating the Peterloo Massacre of 16th August 1819 as a significant contribution to the struggle.

This Council resolves to

  1. Thank everyone who has contributed to commemorative and celebratory activities, events and everyone who has helped to raise the money to pay for Annie Kenney’s statue
  2. To invite Oldham residents and community organisations to join with the Council in commemorating Peterloo and the fight for equal rights



Youth Council

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There is no Youth Council Business.


Leader and Cabinet Question Time

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To note the Minutes of the meetings of the Cabinet held on the undermentioned dates, including the attached list of urgent key decisions taken since the last meeting of the Council, and to receive any questions or observations on any items within the Minutes from Members of the Council who are not Members of the Cabinet, and receive responses from Cabinet Members pdf icon PDF 193 KB

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a) 19th November 2018

b) 17th December 2018

c) 28th January 2019

d) 25th February 2019


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Notice of Administration Business

(time limit 30 minutes)


Motion 1

Councillor P Jacques to MOVE and Councillor M Ali to SECOND:

This council notes the strong link between child poverty, educational performance and earnings in adult life. A rounded, high quality education, inside and outside the classroom, that equips young people with the tools to lead fulfilling and productive lives should be the expectation for all Oldham residents.

As a borough we already have plenty to be proud of, including four out of five Oldham children attending a good or outstanding school, Oldham College’s recent good rating from Ofsted, at Key Stages 1 and 2 across reading, writing and maths, and at Key Stage 5, with the percentage of Oldham students achieving grades A*-C now within 1% of national averages.

There is still a lot to do, however, particularly in early years and at Key Stage 4. This work is made difficult by the fragmented nature of our education system, but this council remains committed to supporting all our young people, whether they attend a maintained school, academy or free school.

This council resolves to:

  1. Continue investing in capacity building at good and outstanding schools, so that more of our young people can attend the school of their choice
  2. Work with partner organisations and parents to ensure all children arrive on their first day at school ready to learn
  3. Continue to support schools to work together and share best practice, learning from one another for the benefit of all our young people
  4. Expand work to tackle holiday hunger and create breakfast clubs in schools across the borough
  5. Submit evidence to the forthcoming Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee inquiry into local government finance, highlighting the impact of funding cuts on services and restrictions this places on the council’s ability to support our schools and tackle the concerning levels of child poverty in the borough


Motion 2

Councillor Ur-Rehman to MOVE and Councillor Williams to SECOND:

This council notes with concern the growing threat to our communities and particularly our young people from violent crime. Since March 2010 in Oldham, recorded violence with injury has increased by 64% and possession of weapons has increased by 124%, while violence without injury has increased by 441%. Some of this may be due to changes to reporting methods, but it is increasingly difficult to accept the Conservative government’s argument that there is no correlation with police cuts that have seen 21,000 officers removed from service.

The New Economics Foundation have recently estimated that austerity has cost the UK economy £100 billion in lost economic growth. In this context, the government is asking residents of Greater Manchester to pay twice for their police force. The council condemns the government’s agenda, passing the burden of police funding to local taxpayers via the police precept.

Whilst the decision of the Deputy Mayor to use the police precept goes some way to reversing Tory cuts, through the recruitment of at least 320 additional police officers and the introduction of more officers  ...  view the full agenda text for item 13.


Notice of Opposition Business

(time limit 30 minutes)


Motion 1 – Tackling Dog Fouling and Nuisance

Councillor C Gloster to MOVE and Councillor Murphy to SECOND:

This Council notes that:

  • Though most dog owners are law-abiding, a small number of irresponsible owners still fail to clean up after their dogs or control them in public places
  • The law requires owners to clean up after their dogs in public places, to keep control of their pets, and to ensure their animal is micro-chipped and displays a dog collar with the name and address of the owner
  • Under powers granted to the Council under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, this Council introduced a borough-wide Public Space Protection Order to replace five existing Dog Control Orders

In October 2014, following the adoption of a motion by Council, the Overview and Scrutiny Board looked at additional measures to combat dog fouling and nuisance; however, none were adopted.

Council recognises that, with the passage of time, new innovative practices and the greater use of technology have in other local authorities had a proven impact in addressing these issues.

This Council wishing to more effectively prevent dog fouling and nuisance in this borough resolves to:

  • Apply the maximum on-the-spot fixed penalty applicable under the law (currently £100) where offences occur within areas covered by the Public Space Protection Order
  • Ask the Overview and Scrutiny Board to:
  • Re-examine current examples of best practice, and the powers granted to it in recent legislation, to determine which can, and should, be adopted in this borough;
  • Confer with The Dogs Trust to establish the ways in which the Council might work in partnership with them to address dog fouling, promote micro-chipping, or otherwise improve animal welfare;

And then bring a report back on this matter to Council at the earliest opportunity.


Motion 2 – Tackling Speeding

Councillor Harkness to MOVE and Councillor H Gloster to SECOND:

Council notes that speeding continues to be a factor in road collisions and that a pedestrian is four times more likely to die if they are hit by a vehicle travelling at forty miles per hours than they are at 30mph.

It is therefore imperative that Council working with the Police and residents seek to reduce excessive vehicular speeds in this borough, especially outside schools, on minor residential roads and in rural areas.

Council believes that we should work with our residents’ groups to deter and catch offenders and that we should employ mobile technology in order to do so.

Council therefore resolves to ask the Overview and Scrutiny Board to:

·         Identify, with the assistance of District Executives, local police and the Council’s highways officers, locations not currently equipped with a speed camera which might benefit from one for consideration by the Drive Safe Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership.

·         Explore the availability of funding to purchase and deploy mobile speed cameras to catch offenders, change driver behaviour and improve road safety.

·         Investigate how the Council and the police can work with community and residents’ groups  ...  view the full agenda text for item 14.


To note the Minutes of the following Joint Authority meetings and the relevant spokespersons to respond to questions from Members pdf icon PDF 407 KB

(time limit 8 minutes):-


Police and Crime Panel

29th November 2018

Greater Manchester Combined Authority

  30th November 2018

  14th December 2018

  25th January 2019

  15th February 2019

GMCA and AGMA Executive Board

11th January 2019

Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA)

27th July 2018

Greater Manchester Health and Care Board

9th November 2018

25th January 2019

Transport for Greater Manchester

9th November 2018

10th January 2019

National Park Authority

7th December 2018

1st February 2019

Greater Manchester Combined Authority Waste and Recycling Committee

24th January 2019


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To note the Minutes of the following Partnership meetings and the relevant spokespersons to respond to questions from Members pdf icon PDF 124 KB

(time limit 7 minutes)


Oldham Leadership Board

15th November 2018

Health and Wellbeing Board

 13th November 2018

MioCare Board

12th November 2018


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Welfare Reform Update pdf icon PDF 163 KB

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Update on Actions from Council pdf icon PDF 102 KB

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Statement of Community Involvement pdf icon PDF 115 KB

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