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Delegated Decisions
Wednesday, 24th March, 2010

Delegated Decision Item

Reference No 10030196
Date Last Amended 24 March 2010
Contact Name Jon Bloor 
Position Divisional Manager, E&S Unit 
Contact Telephone No 0161 770 4188 
Area of Responsibility Environment & Regeneration
Wards Affected ALL
Summary The purpose of the reports is to seek approval to use external funding sources for the expansion of the staffing allocation within the Economy and Skills Unit (ESU). 
Advice Sought Finance Personnel  
Declared Interests None. 
Reasons for Exemption
(If Exempt)
NOT FOR PUBLICATION; this report contains information relating to Paragraphs(s) 3of schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972. It would not, on balance, be in the public interest to disclose the information to the public because the information relates to the financial and business affairs of the Council. 
Details of Consultation  
Options Considered This report outlines the expansion of activity and requirement to establish and recruit the posts contained in the report. This will enable the Unit to fulfil core roles and deliver corporate, partnership and City Region objectives. The Executive Director is asked to approve the recommendations contained herein. 
Recommendation Request that the Executive Director, Economy, Place and Skills, approves the following recommendations under delegated powers
"Approve the creation of and recruitment to 2.5 FTE posts
"Approve the filling of the 2.5 FTE posts that are currently vacant.

All of the above posts to be funded by external funding
Of interest to the following Overview and Scrutiny Committees OVERVIEW AND SCRUTINY MANAGEMENT BOARD;  
Decision Approve as recommended.  
Decision made by Elaine McLean  
Date of Decision 24 March 2010  
Date Called in